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A credit curriculum for adults and young adults

The Good Credit Game is a credit curriculum for adults and young adults. The financial education kit makes it fun and easy to teach credit classes. The Good Credit Game covers credit reports, credit scores and credit cards.

A fun credit curriculum

The Good Credit Game was created to be an effective credit curriculum. But it was also designed to be fun for financial educators and their students. It builds upon more than a decade of in-the-field learning from our popular Money Habitudes cards. Financial educators routinely describe the cards as fun, engaging and non-threatening.

Rather than rely on lectures, PowerPoint and worksheets, The Good Credit Game uses a variety of hands-on games and activities. The credit curriculum was also designed to be collaborative and engaging. It's built around small-group work. It promotes fun, healthy conversation and sharing about credit reports, credit scores and credit cards. The interactive activities and small-group format also mean that students are engaged and not just sitting in the back of the room.

A flexible credit curriculum

The Good Credit Game was designed to be a flexible credit curriculum. It has six main modules, most of which can be used on their own or recombined to cover topics in a different order. Going through all of the credit modules takes about 2 hours, but a financial educator may choose to omit some or shorten others. The credit curriculum is also designed so that you can teach credit classes that are more basic or you can use more advanced questions and topics. Choose from 39 different credit topics.

A credit curriculum that's easy to teach

One of the big challenges to teaching credit classes is the complexity of the material. As a result, the credit curriculum takes a "teach-out-of-the-box" approach to teaching credit classes. It means that you don't have to be a credit expert to teach great credit classes. The teacher's guide has complete financial lesson plans that are easy to read, set up and understand. The credit curriculum also includes pre-written explanations about credit reports, credit scores and credit cards that are easy to use. Educate yourself or read the explanations to the class when necessary. Also, it bears mentioning that the activities are intuitive and largely run themselves; students readily start on the activities without much instruction needed.

A credit curriculum that's accessible

Knowing how diverse the audiences can be in credit classes, our credit curriculum is designed to be used by a wide variety of students. The student materials are all written at 5th-grade reading level or below and we've included a glossary of the bigger, more complicated financial terms that you may run across in a credit class. It's also applicable to people with a range of experience using credit – it can even be used as a training tool for credit educators.

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