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The Good Credit Game


Designed for financial educators, The Good Credit Game makes it fun and easy to teach credit classes. It's a complete credit curriculum with user-friendly lesson plans and hands-on activities that teach about credit reports, credit scores and credit cards.

The Good Credit Game is built on a decade of learning from Money Habitudes about how to create engaging materials that make financial education classes a pleasure for both teachers and students. It's the result of feedback from financial educators who often said they wished they had high-quality, interactive materials like Money Habitudes to teach other financial literacy classes.


The credit curriculum kit uses a "teach out of the box" approach so you don't have to be a credit expert to teach a great credit class. A series of collaborative, "learn as you go" activities help students learn about creditworthiness, credit reports, credit scores and the real-dollar effect of having good or bad credit. The adult learning package makes the topic of credit relevant and approachable to students at different levels—even those who don't see credit or big purchases (like buying a car or getting a mortgage) as applicable to them.


Almost without exception, everyone—including financial educators—learns something important about credit when using The Good Credit Game.

teaching a credit class

Why it's hard to teach credit classes ...

...and our solutions


"I've used The Good Credit Game multiple times with youth and adults.  The Build-a-Person activities are really a lot of fun for everyone.  The kids really get into it and the credit calculator is particularly eye-opening for adults to understand their credit score.  These activities make it easy for me to introduce the concepts of credit without even mentioning credit!"


Courtney Bettle

Program Manager, Financial Security
Baltimore CASH Campaign



Train-the-Trainer Workshop Feedback


"The game idea is a great way to lighten up a heavy topic."


"A more interesting way of teaching credit!"

"Gave me new ideas on how to present credit in class.  The Good Credit Game is an excellent tool to teach about credit."

"Great ideas about being more creative and how to involve participants--it's the #1 complaint about our class: lack of participation."

"I have conducted financial literacy classes for years and this is fun and engaging and helps the facilitator get the information clearly out to the audience."

"The questions that go along with this game are amazing whether used with the game or as ice breakers."

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