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There are a number of national standards for teaching personal finance and financial literacy. Many of the learning objectives in these personal finance standards are similar. However, there is a lack of standardization across these financial education guidelines. In some standards and credit curricula, credit reports are a separate section. In some, credit is its own section. In some, credit reports and credit scores are part of topics like buying a house.


Therefore, in creating The Good Credit Game teaching package, we set out to cover what we believed were the most common and important elements with respect to the topic of credit reports, credit scores and credit cards. While this material certainly touches on many interrelated topics, it is not meant to replace other modules that go into great depth, including: how to get a loan, evaluating different payment methods, comparing loan terms, understanding consumer protection laws, preventing identity theft, etc. That said, we believe that after going through the lessons in The Good Credit Game, participants will be more open to and interested in pursuing other topics in more depth.


The following are some of the more popular financial education standards. The sections that are highlighted indicate where The Good Credit Game fits the standard.

Jump$tart Coalition - National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education, 3rd Edition

FDIC (Money Smart)

Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education - National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education

Council for Economic Education - National Standards For Financial Literacy

Institute for Financial Literacy - National Standards for Adult Financial Literacy Education

National Business Education Association - National Standards for Business Education

National Financial Educators Council - National Financial Literacy Standards

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