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Sample: The Good Credit Game


Sample Credit Curriculum for Adults and Young Adults

The Good Credit Game was designed to be a very interactive curriculum to help financial educators teach classes about credit. It relies on a series of hands-on teaching tools to make credit classes more engaging, participatory and fun. Although we can't provide those physical materials, you can download a free sample of the credit curriculum from The Good Credit Game.


To give you a sample of what you get in the teaching kit, we have included:

  • The cover page

  • A visual explanation of what materials come in the small, medium and large sets

  • Introduction

  • Our philosophy about credit

  • Quick FAQs

  • Program goals and objectives

  • Table of contents

  • Activity 1 and 5

  • Activity 6: The Road to Good Credit

    • Set-up instructions

    • Two sample topics with questions, mini-lesson and an optional engaging activity


This curriculum guide is for financial educators teaching credit classes. A few points about it:

  • It takes a "teach out of the box" approach so you don't need to be a credit expert to easily teach great classes about credit.

  • It's modular. There are two parts to The Good Credit Game. Part I is a series of 5 teaching modules. Part II is a capstone board game. The modules logically build upon each other but each can also be used separately.

  • The credit lesson plans provide clear instructions for what materials are used, how to set up the class, instructions to give to the class, objectives of each activity and appropriate credit information for each unit.

  • The total guide is about 150 pages, but each section is easily identified and there's a complete table of contents.

  • The guide clearly lays out our credit philosophy and builds in a number of our solutions to common challenges with teaching credit classes.

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